Diagnostic Tests

Whole School Assessment

Our platform enables you to use our own diagnostic tests that have been written by educational professionals in this field or we can create your own diagnostic test just for your and use our secure and locked down exam application.

This great tool enables you to have  diagnostic tools and exams that can help you test the level of each learner.

Our diagnostic tests also enable you to:

  • class sets
  • baseline test 
  • gaps in knowledge
  • skills analysis
  • track answers and question of students, target groups and cohorts
  • personal learning pathways

The diagnostic tests are so powerful because as an administrator they allow you to create a range of questions for your students once completed to have a report so that they can learn from their misconceptions, errors and answers. 

From here staff, pupils and parents can have a clear insight of the learners:

  • level
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • feedback needed to be given
  • an action plan with objectives, individual learning pathway and milestones.
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